R & D Center

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. Technical Department responsibilities 

      1. According to customer needs, design products drawings and mould drawings.

      2. To improve the company's existing equipment, such as Appearance. 

      3. Responsible for Organization the Design review during products design processing, design verification and design recognition.

      4. Responsible for technical documentation archiving and preservation. 

      5. Responsible for equipment installation, maintenance, after-sales service, and technical support.

      6. Responsible for developing new products and designs.

. Technology product development department 

      Technology and product development department: Chief Designer 1 person, mechanical drawing 1 person, after-sales service staff 3 persons.

. Job responsibilities

      Responsible for customer sample drawing, modification, the verification, release for mechanical manufacturing drawings etc.

      Responsible for resolving technical and workshop producing problemsResponsible for after-sales service, and installation etc.

      Responsible for equipment updated, Research and development of new products.