P-4125 4 color cup printing machine

P-4125 4 color cup printing machine

SP-41254 color cup printing machine is the letter printing machine, with axes UV solidified, suitable for printing on plastic cups.
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General technical requirements

1.Product specification

SP-41254 color cup printing machine is the letter printing machine, with axes UV solidified, suitable for printing on plastic cups.

2.Printing diameter


3.Requirements for the size of the cups or bowls


4. Maximum printing height


5.Height of cup


6.Bevel of cup or bowl


7.Maximum printing speed

200 per minute

8.Total output


General structure requirements

1.Automatic cup-delivering

The cups will be delivered to the channel by the cup-serving-tray automatically, which could reduce labor intensity. The cup-delivering channel will be powered by electronic engineering sharing thesame speed with pressing. The cup-delivering tray (spiral wheel) is special designed for many kinds of cups, and it could be set for 45° or 90° according to your special need.

2.Principal machine and transmission equipments

Founding stand for machine is steadily reliable, and there is a complete adjusting system with X and Y coordinate system. Principal machine is powered by the frequency conversion electronic engineering, and in-phase with the speed of the delivering channel. There is also an automatic mode-switch device for the easy using of these two pressing mode. This principal machine is also convenient for the manipulator to see the operation of the machine, by the windows both around and the open-ceiling, in order to make the correct working step.

3.Pre-printing treatment

Corona treating is applied before printing. Processor axis is driven by rubber wheel which is driven by electronic machine, ensuring precise pressure.

When cups penetrated through, processor will given an alarm, in order to deal with it timely, preventing damage to the printing.


Printing stand is driven by machine; ink feeding volume can be easily adjusted. Printing roller is equipped by fixing linchpin beard by spring for the purpose of changing plate quickly.

Printing platen is equipped with 4 rubber printing stands, adopting double-face glue, and auto-stop when double or no cups.

QC checkpoint is adopted.

5.Axis (station) UV desiccation

UV light is 6kw, equipped with specially made glisten cover, cooling system and ozone venting system. Light is auto out when machine stops or no cup in machine.

6.Auto cup ejecting

Speed of cup ejecting accords to speed of printing, avoiding wrong counting.Counting wheel is adopted based on the height of cup, avoiding mistakes.

Pneumatic device is applied to eject cups.

Cup incept plate angle can be changed, maximum cup ejecting distance is 800mm.

7.Electric control

The whole machine is controlled by low voltage appliance, all appliances in one control tank, with suitable height.

Control plate is a base, can be placed anywhere by controller. Machine parts are connected by movable plugs, convenient for disassembling and machine.

8.Standard accessories

Printing plate punching machine.

Technical file

When machine is out factory, instructions book, acceptance certificate and packing list are necessary.

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