Servo Controlled Robot for Thermoforming Machine

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Servo Controlled Robot for Thermoforming Machine

Servo Controlled Robot for Thermoforming Machine
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Main Technical Parameter

1. Fetching Stack Number: Forming Condition 12~25 times / min.

2. Using Air Source: 0.8兆帕

3. Power Supply:220V/2P

4. The advantage of using:Automatic grabbing, automatic stacking, automatic counting.

5. Grab, then transport: counting conveyor belt conveyor.

Main Configuration

1.Frame using the national standard steel, GB profiles manufacturing.

2.And use the Japanese MITSUBISHI 0.75KW servo drive control MITSUBISHI servo motor to advance and retreat, accurate location.

3.On the stack with the Japanese MITSUBISHI 1KW MITSUBISHI servo driver to control the servo motor to advance and retreat, accurate counting and stacking.

4.Solenoid valve using SMC solenoid valve,,fast response.

5.And the upper and lower rails using silver rails.

6. And the upper and lower control servo motor controlled synchronous belt, which greatly satisfy the speed and accuracy of capture and stack.

7. The sucker is made of SMC cup, and the material is made of silicone material, which ensures the safety of the mould.

8.Conveyor using 0.55KW motor,,step count conveyor.

Main Electrical Component

1.Advance and retreat servo controller: Japan MITSUBISHI servo controller 0.75KW servo controller 0.75KW servo motor

2.Top and bottom stacking servo controller: Japanese MITSUBISHI 1KW servo controller 1KW servo motor

3. Human computer interface: motion control.

Signal connecting line of making machine:Communication line

4.Suction product control: SMC vacuum generator

5. Conveyor control: 105KW converter

6. Signal, proximity switch: OMRON

7.Switch, terminal: Schneider, France

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